Use our digital assets to support classroom teaching

Our Mission

We provide digital assets to support classroom teaching and improve learner success in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

“We have been able to engage kids that might otherwise dismiss computing as ‘boring’ and whilst they are having fun they are also developing job-ready skills.” 

Classroom Support

Learner Engagement

Our physical assets promote hands-on learning, perfect for engaging kids.

Course Design

Our courses are developed to meet the national curriculum (UK) and OFSTED.

Teacher Workload

Our digital tools and assets reduce teacher workload.

Developing Curriculum Content


We use the DADDIE model to develop our curricumlum content. This is the latest model and demontrates the value of the iterative design – test – redesign – implement – evaluate cycle. It ensures that practitioners consider inclusivity, accessibility, flexibility and usability.

The model highlights the importance of knowing and engaging your learner, and using learning outcomes to guide our development work.