Getting Started with AngularJS

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Getting Started with AngularJS

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In this course we will add another page to our application. This will demonstrate AngularJS’ capability to support two-way data binding, filters and single-page updates.

We will learn (by doing) how AnglarJS enables HTML to become an application development language. By handling DOM and AJAX components AngularJS enables browser based applications to deliver content in much the same way as desktop applications.

This course builds on the application that is created in the Building a Mean Web Application and Getting Started with MongoDB. We recommend that you complete those course respectively before commencing this one.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you we will have installed the angularJS (version 1) library within your application and implemented a new page using some basic directives.We will instruct you in;

  1. Cloning myapp5 from GitHub
  2. Install the npm nodemon package
  3. Add code to create a new menu and page in the application
  4. Use some directives to demonstrate angularjs two-way binding
  5. Cloning myapp6 from GitHub
  6. Add a todo list
  7. Convert a function to a module
  8. Install an angular routing library in our code
  9. Move the list into a template and add the ng-view directive
  10. Introduce ngRoute into our module
  11. Add a configuration to the module to provide a route to the template
  12. Cloning myapp7 from GitHub
  13. Convert the controller code into a Service (Factory)
  14. Add a second controller that will enable us to add notes to each list item
  15. We add an additional route and template
  16. Add an index and anchor tag to each list item, using $index
  17. Add a search facility

So within a few minutes you will have a NodeJS application that includes an important feature of angularjs.

Optionally, you can now take the quiz to test, confirm and further build your knowledge.

Remember, this course is completely FREE!