Getting Started with MongoDB

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Getting Started with MongoDB

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MongoDB is one of the most popular databases on the market today. In this course we will show you how to retrieve records from a MongoDB database and display them on a page in our NodeJS application

This course builds on the application that is created in the Building a Mean Web Application. We recommend that you complete that course before commencing this one.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course you will have gained a fundamental understanding of how to query MongoDB, one of the most popular noSQL databases on the market today. We will instruct you in;

  1. An overview of MongoDB
  2. Installation of GUI for MongoDB
  3. Connecting you to a remote MongoDB database (read-only)
  4. Quickly performing queries for yourself
  5. Downloading and Installing MongoDB
  6. Configuring MongoDB as a Windows Service
  7. Importing a Collection (read and write)
  8. Performing queries
  9. Cloning myapp4 from GitHub
  10. Install NodeJS MongoDB driver
  11. Verify connection between application and database
  12. Add code to create a new menu and page in the application
  13. Display the documents contained in your restaurants collection

So within a few short lessons will become well versed in how use mongoDB