The Internet of Things (IoT)

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

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In this course we will fast-track your knowledge and understanding about the Internet of Things (IoT) using practical demonstrations.

From a mobile device’s browser or any webpage we will be able to control an LED (light emitting diode) connected to a Raspberry Pi. Also we will monitor the temperature of the CPU. But in terms of IoT we should consider that we could be communicating with and controlling any device.

To achieve this we will become familiar with NodeRED and MQTT.We will use these technologies to;

  1. Create a “Hello World” application
  2. Control an LED and monitor CPU temperature and display on a webpage
  3. Use MQTT to subscribe (receive) and publish (send) data
  4. Use NodeRED with MQTT to subscribe and publish data (locally)
  5. Access and display weather information from and display updates every 10 minutes

To complete this course we need to boot the Raspberry Pi using the Raspbian Jessie Operating system. The instructions are available at We recommend that download and install RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL!

In addition to a Raspberry Pi (preferable model 3), a microSD card with Raspbian Jessie Operating system install and a 5V USB power supply, a monitor connected via HDMI you will also require;

  • A breadboard
  • An LED (3.5v)
  • A 330 ohm resister
  • Two Male-Female jumper wires

You can get all these, and more, in the £5 CamJam EduKit from The Pi Hut, which teaches you more about LEDs, buzzers and switches, and includes all the hardware and eight well-written worksheets about using the GPIO pins on your Pi.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]